Who are we

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These are the members of our research group:

Anna Januszkiewics, post-doc, senior consultant

Andras Komaromi, PhD student to be, consultant

Brigitte Twelkmeyer, researcher

Christina Blixt, post-doc, consultant

Christina Hebert, laboratory assistent

Eva-Nejman-Skoog, laboratory assistent

Felix Liebau, PhD student, consultant

Folke Hammarqvist, professor, senior consultant

Gabriel Dumitrescu, PhD student, consultant

Inga Tjäder, post-doc, senior consultant

Jan Wernerman, professor, senior consultant

Johan Helleberg, PhD student, consultant

Jonathan Grip, PhD student, resident

Jörg Herpell, consultant

Kristina Kilsand, research nurse

Lena Gamrin, post-doc, senior consultant

Maiko Mori, PhD student

Maria Klaude, senior research scientist

Mariam Amouzandeh, PhD student to be, consultant

Marie Smedberg, PhD student, resident

Martin Sundström, PhD student to be, resident

Nicolas Saroul; Visiting scientist, surgeon

Nicolas Tardif, postdoc

Olav Rooyackers, professor, head of laboratory

Panawat Promsin, visiting scientist from Thailand.

Towe Jakobsson, laboratory assistent

Urban Fläring, post-doc, senior consultant

Åke Norberg, post-doc, senior consultant

And here are the students and anaesthesiology residents now and in the resent past involved in research projects within the group:

Alan Cunningham, clinical chemist student from Dublin

Anna Bernardsson, resident

Anna-Lotta Öjerskog, resident

Anja Rosen, medical student

Bashar Dabbagh, resident

Christian Alhstedt, resident

Christian Kahlbom, resident

Dag Selden, resident

Emma Nordkvist, medical student

Emma Everan, clinical chemist student from Dublin

Erik Fiskare, medical student

Franck Polia, exchange student from France

Garret Rochford, clinical chemist student from Dublin

Gustaf Sandström, medical student

Imad Almahfoodh, resident

Johanna Svensson, medical student

Jonathan Grip, medical student

Laura Caulfield, clinical chemist student from Dublin

Lea Tishmann, exchange student from Netherlands

Linn Pettersson, resident

Louise Forlin, medical student

Madeleine Larsson Börjesson, resident

Marie Fröberg, medical student

Marie Sellvall, resident

Martin Sundström, medical student

Mats Mattson, resident

Mirjam Larsson, resident

Paul Castillo, resident

Ramin Kouchek, resident

Terje Kirketeig, resident

Tobias Falkemström. medical student

Tore Persson, resident

Viktor Bergman, medical student