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Felix Liebau

PhD student, consultant

Me. I am from Germany where I graduated from Lübeck University and received my training in anesthesiology, intensive care & preclinical acute medicine at teaching hospitals in Bremen. After several years at Lübeck University Hospital I moved to Stockholm in 2008 where I work as an anesthesiologist at Karolinska University Hospital. I enjoy part-time leave from clinical assignments to pursue my PhD project, see below. Privately, I am mostly kept busy by my little daughter exploring life in general (and the innards of home furnishings in particular). When she occasionally grants a reprieve, I like to indulge in sailing in Stockholm's archipelago, definitely among the finest island scenery anywhere. 

My Research. Im an involved with a project in the field of human protein metabolism, under supervision of Olav Rooyackers, Jan Wernerman and Åke Norberg, all from the anesthesiology department at Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge. We are using stable isotope methods to investigate states of anabolic resistance in obesity and in critically illness. Anabolic resistance is the inability to react to stimulation of protein buildup and is seen in conditions as diverse as aging, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and sepsis. At the moment we are looking into ICU patients' utilisation of dietary protein. These patients might benefit from improved nutrition strategies to limit protein loss and muscle wasting, factors that worsen prognosis and prolong recovery from critical illness.

Favorite creepy quote.

"Die Wissenschaft denkt nicht." (Martin Heidegger)