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Gabriel Dumitrescu

PhD student, consultant

Me: I was born, grown up and educated in Romania which is a wonderful country. As a matter of fact prince Charles of Wales himself discovered the beauty the “wild Carpathia” and even bought a holyday house in Transylvania which he visits every year.

I am a MD since 1992 and an anesthesiologist since 2000. Since 2007 I have been working as consultant anesthesiologist at Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge. I have a special interest in patients with liver insufficiency and I am clinically involved in liver transplantation as an anesthesiologist.

I am a registered PhD student at KI since October 2014 but my scientific work began much earlier with Professor Jan Wernerman as main supervisor. My research interest is directed to coagulation disorders especially on patients with liver insufficiency.

My research: My research is focused on methods aiming to improve the predictability of bleeding and thrombotic events in patients with liver failure following major liver surgery or in the end-stages of liver disease. Although in the last 15 years important steps forward have been made in understanding coagulation mechanisms in these patients there is lot to be elucidated. An important part of our work deals with fibrinogen synthesis.