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Martin Sundström

PhD student, resident

Me. Native of Stockholm, Sweden. Graduated from medical school in 2011, started my residency in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care in 2014 and registering as a PhD student at the moment. Big believer in FOAMed/knowledge translation through social media, tweets as @decafmartin. Interests outside of professional endeavors include parenting, brazilian jiu jitsu, powerlifting and origami.

My research. I began working with our research group as a medical student, evaluating methods for indirect calorimetry during mechanical ventilation in the ICU. The focus of my PhD thesis, with Prof Wernerman as head supervisor, will be investigating whole-body substrate utilisation with stable isotope tracers in relation to energy expenditure during critical illness. Our research aims to provide a better understanding of macronutrient metabolism in this patient group, with possible implications toward optimising nutritional therapy for individual patients.