Olav Rooyackers

professor, head of laboratory


Me. I am born in the Netherlands and got my PhD from the University of Maastricht in 1995. After that I have been a postdoc at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation in Rochester, USA and at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Since january 2000 I have been working within the current research group. I am responsible for the lab and am involved in most studies the research group is performing. Since march 2012 I am a Professor in Experimental Anesthesiology and Intensive Care



My Research. As mentioneds above I am involved in most projects of our research group but my baby is the research around the mitochondria. I started with this interest during my PhD project and have now my own funding to study the role of mitochondrial derangement in the development of organ failure in the critically ill patient. The reason for me joining the research group in 2000 was my expertise in the use of stable isotope tracers. I mainly got my training in the use, analyses and interpretation of stable isotopes in metabolic research at the Mayo Clinic in the lab of Sree Nair.


More info on my research can be found in this publication in International Innovations or on Karolinska Institutes website.


Other activities. I am currently associate editor for Clinical Nutrition and the eSPEN Journal and a section editor for Current Opinion of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care. I am also a member of the scientific committee of ESPEN.


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