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Brigitte showing irish student Alan how a mass spec looks and works

Christina at the HPLC for measuring concentrations of both total and reduced glutathione

Nico playing illegally with our new mass spec

Eva at the GC-MS used for analysing our stable isotope labelled metabolites

Towe measuring the oxygen comsumption in isolated muscle cells or mitochondria.

Our toys!!!!

Analytical lab

In connection to the research group we have a analytical laboratory that is located in the Clinical Research Centre (KFC) of Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. In the lab we analyse samples from our mainly clinical metabolic studies. Incorporated into the laboratory is Karolinska Stable Isotope Core.

The lab is located in the lab-hotel part of KFC (Klinisk Forsknings Centrum or Clinical Research Centre) in the Novum building adjunct to the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. There we have one office, one preparation lab and one equipment room. The equipment room contains 2 HPLC systems and 2 GC-MS systems. In addition we have an LC-MSMS system in a shared equipment room.

Within the lab we perform biochemical analyses to measure amino acid concentrations, glutathione concentrations (both reduced and oxidised), metabolite concentrations (e.g. glucose, lactate, ATP, creatine phosphate etc.), mitochondrial respiration, mitochondrial enzyme activities (citrate synthase and complex I and IV), protease activities (26S proteasome, cathepsin, calpain etc.) and protein content. We also analyse gene expression but do this in collaboration with others. Occasionally we run Western blot analyses. BUT our speciality is the analyses of stable isotope tracer in biological material using mass spectrometry. Stable isotope tracers are used to quantify metabolic pathways in vivo in patients. After that these tracers are given to patinets or volunteers plasma or tissue samples are taken and these are analysed for stable isotope contents in our lab using GC-MS. We use stable isotope tracers to measure glucose turnover rates, whole body protein turnover, synthesis rates of immune cells, muscle tissue, albumin and mitochondria and turnover rates of specific amino acids (glutamine, leucine, phenylalanine). More information on the use of these tracer can be found on our tracer site.

We have started a project to add metabolomics measurements to the lab. We already have a HPLC method for quantifying all amino acid. We have now bought  a new toy (an UHPLC-MSMS) that will be used to expand our metabolomics analyses. We have now established analyses for fatty acids and acylcarnitines.

Currently we have several people working in the lab permanently (Brigitte Twelkmeyer, Christina Hebert, Eva Nejman, and Towe Jakobsson), a few that help temporarly or occasionallly (Katrin Glaser, Siva Sivadasan and Maria Klaude) and several students that come and do analyses occasionally. We have risk assessments for all routine methods.